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I'm sure everyone who's seen this film has already posted their opinions on it. My own opinions are very close to Doug Walker's… Probably not the most popular opinion, but I had a good time watching, grabbing my lapels every time Bane grabbed his.

But since this is definitively the END of the Nolan Bat-Trilogy, there are still a host of things I'd like to see in a Batman live action movie. Here's the ones I can think of so far, in no particular order:

Luchador Bane
With accent, mask, backstory, everything. (Venom optional.) And working for no one else but himself.

The women
ALL of them.

With the exception of perhaps Batman Returns, the live action Batman films tend to drop the ball on this one, sticking with rather one-dimensional versions of double-chromosomed characters as love interests, femme fatales, and youthful sidekicks. Which is a shame, since I think the Bat-universe has some of the most well-rounded female characters in comics (just a sliiiight bias on my part) that haven't made it to silver screen. Characters such as:

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress: Family murdered by the mafia (and was a part of a mafia family, herself), now works as a high school teacher by day, kickass vigilante by night, constantly getting Batman pissed off at her. Also, crossbows!

Stephanie Brown/Spoiler: High school girl, daughter of a career criminal, stitches together a costume and goes out and fights crime. She's like Peter Parker, but with more obstacles and less angst.

Kate Kane/Batwoman: Kicked out of the military before the repeal of DADT, takes up some body armor and a cape and goes out dealing justice vigilante style. Because sexual orientation shouldn't have any bearing on defending the innocent, amirite?

Renee Montoya/Question: in either her GCPD detective or Question guises. Either way, she's dating Batwoman.

Harvey Bullock
Because if you have Renee, you may as well have him, too.

If you want your movie to have socio-political commentary, why not throw him in?

Nightwing, skipping Robin if you have to

Jean-Paul Valley
The idea of having the wrong person on the Batsuit makes some pretty compelling story material, and having a Knight Templar in the role of the Dark Knight ups the ante. Plus I just like Jean-Paul after he gets better.

Alfred as a retired secret agent
It didn't surprise anyone when we found out, and made him even cooler.

Poison Ivy as an honest-to-god ecoterrorist
When they started talking about clean sustainable energy in TDKR, I was kind of hoping they'd take this route. Sure, keep her sexy if you want, but I'd love her to be a legitimate threat instead of just limiting her to seducing hetero men.

Batman: HUSH
HUSH might not be the BEST Batman storyline out there, but it was kind of like an album of Batman's Greatest Hits. Casual fans, hardcore fans, and people who only know of Batman through popcultural osmosis all found something to like, which made it such a hit. (I remember when I showed the graphic novel to a classmate who maybe had seen only one Batman movie in her life; during a key unmasking scene, we both squeed.) A few story tweaks here and there, and it would probably be a big hit on the big screen too.

Avengers-style Bat-Familiy movie (stolen from :iconanimus-seed:)
Anyone remember the triptych covers for Battle for the Cowl?… remember how freaking AWESOME it was to see potentially all of Batman's allies (and some villains) all together in one glorious interconnected image? Yeah, kinda like that.

What would you like to see in a live action Batman movie?
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clokverkorange Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
I would like to see someone just STICK WITH THE SCRIPT. I was completely disappointed by Bane. I wanted to see Bane as he was in the comics, this hyper-intelligent, street smart mastermind who also just happened to be nigh-invincible thanks to Venom. There was nothing compelling about the film version of Bane other than Tom Hardy being a stellar physical presence.

Also I don't want Hollywood to touch Az-bats because I know they would try to tell the entire story arc in 2.5 hours and leave almost all of the important stuff on the cutting room floor.
I completely agree with your suggestions (except Anarky, because for whatever reason I've just never liked him). Before I saw TDKR I actually thought that Azrael (if not specifically Jean-Paul) was going to show up.
thenumber42 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i have no idea why I like Anarky so much tbh. I think he has potential if he's not used as a constant mouthpiece. I hate his backstory and how he just screws over his parents, it's like they intentionally made him as one-dimensional as possible
AlexGhost Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012
I'd like to see a movie about bat woman, she's always left out of the good live action movies.
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